AGiR! hopes this kind of poster, flyer, or handout will be considered useful to present the issue of protecting genomic integrity more broadly!  

Learn more about what is meant by that, by exploring the site and related links more closely.

There are too many ingredients of concern to go out after them one by one at the production level.  While supporting groups that target various substances and encouraging producers to find alternatives to potentially genotoxic compounds, AGiR! believes creating more general awareness will help people to at least avoid some of the worst dangers personally.  
In the end, this is sure to help everyone. 

'Knowing the 'why' is what moves people to action' has become our new catch-phrase.  
Disruption to genomic integrity affecting our health and that of future generations is what environmental, occupational, or 'personal choice' exposures to the many things that damage DNA or interact with nucleic acids can cause. Knowing that even quite common and fairly simple chemicals can be mutagenic is likely to provide people incentive to act and change their habits and behaviour.  

Why, do you think, does a 'smoking kills' label on a package have virtually no impact?
In the hopes that a 'flyer campaign' will indeed fly, here are some of the different translations done so far!  AGiR! is a local association, but its actions are global!  Join us!

Ideally, we will also ultimately inspire producers of commercial goods to stop putting so many compounds of concern into our environment!

Let us know if you would like to participate in the flyer campaign, please!

After a slight pause - that so quickly brought this public service association into its 5th year! - in these translation efforts, here is yet another language for the old flyer: Chinese (modern simplified version)!
Thanks to Vivi, Yanwu and others for their help!!

Chinese flyer Chinese

Next will be found the flyers translated into three new languages for the third year of this public service association's existence…  
in Arabic, Herbrew, and Russian!  



plus, the earlier languages… below… for six more!
so, with English, we are now up to 10 languages…  

French Translation French


spanish flyer correctedSpanish

italian flyer Italian

 Danish (probably should still be double-checked…)

 Japanese (most likely needs corrections, please!)

(What language would you like most?  Thanks to everyone for their help and input!)