Action for Genomic integrity through Research!

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'agir' (aahhh-jzeer' or IPA  /a.ʒiʁ/ ) means 'to act' in French 
The public service association, AGiR!, founded near the shore of Lake Geneva, in a French-speaking part of Switzerland,  acts to provide information and promote research to help protect genomic integrity - even at this very instant, by you reading the start of this website!

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Big News! Now that we are already a year into the covid-19 crisis, it seems very odd that the focus here for new year 2020 was: 'The ''new '20s'' (are) predicted to be 'the' decade for these ideas to take off - for us all!  You Can Help! :)'
but now we know, (today 380 days into this decade, as vaccinations are gradually happening) that one still needs to ...
take care 
wash hands 
wear masks

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 Genomic integrity is meant to include all molecular and genetic elements of cells!  Active maintenance of these molecules and their 
free interplay is essential for proper dynamic function (aka 'health').

 Action for Genomic integrity through Research (AGiR!) aims to both raise awareness of the many things we choose to do which impact genomic integrity and define reliable and quantitative measurements suitable for controlled human studies and risk analysis.  
Easy ways to protect genomic integrity are also recommended!  

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If you would like a quick 'take-home' about the key focus, aims and goals of this Swiss Association, please visit the 'Summary/Flyer' page, where translations of the 
AGiR! Flyer can now be found in 14 different languages!