Our Mission

is here to 
provide information and promote research!

A big picture concept for the public interest, 
genomic integrity 
is meant to include all the molecular genetic details in our cells  !!
(Our cells have 25000 genes and more, including all sorts of RNAs, many levels of epigenetics, expression induction and repression depending on environmental cues; and probably 5000 genes are essential for basic life processes. The 'genomic integrity' concept is meant to simplify the complex and dynamic activities in all our cells into something we can all attempt to grasp!  Anything that blocks or disrupts these dynamic processes can potentially disturb health and well-being…)

In a sense we already have known of 'the cause' of cancer (and of so many other ailments!) for such a long time! 
Genetic lesions, the disruption of proper gene expression, breaks in and losses of chromosomal regions, and so on, impact on 'genomic integrity' in so many possible ways, given those 20k+ genes we have in our cells, result in chronic diseases...

You can act to protect Genomic integrity in many ways 
- even less sugar intake is one way to reduce 'reactive oxygen species' levels, for instance….   
The choices made are key!
YES, You Can… 

for a bit of historical perspective…
Not many people realize that hair dye ingredients had been shown to be mutagenic already in the 1970s!  

    Something produced and sold at such a large scale, one would think, would surely have to be safe!

        Think again!

About a decade ago, the idea for this association grew out of a site focused on hair dye ingredients and genomic integrity, with the 'mascot' genotoxic ingredient, aminophenol (also found in cigarette smoke).

However, the key activities of Action for Genomic integrity through Research are projected to be much broader than simply that issue.   

    The aim of the international association, AGiR! Action for Genomic integrity through Research!, is to provide information about how so many common practices can result in DNA damage (also indirectly, via our own cellular processes) or can affect gene expression (via e.g. RNAs or epigenetic 'marks' on DNA itself or associated histone proteins)!  AGiR! wants to promote research, to determine how to not only quantify impacts on genomic integrity, but perhaps prevent them!  
Are you concerned about health and the future?
Click around and please think about your cells, and all these issues!

(perhaps? even?)
      Join us!

Please see AGiR's key position paper (2Sept13 version)!

Here is the first draft of potential working group topics for the meeting of the first AGiR General Assembly (Oct2013).   

Also, your feedback is very welcome - click on 'contact us' above left.
Looking forward to your input!

agir means to act in French, just btw    ;)   

* image:  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:HeLa_cells_stained_with_Hoechst_33258.jpg

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