Action for Genomic integrity through Research!

Our next general assembly meeting is fixed for 20 February 2023!

Time to make the most out of everything, looking forward to our 10th anniversary!

Save the date!

Hoping for peace still, but in the meantime, here is our one page summary, in Ukrainian! (dyakuyou, Mariia!!)

BIG NEWS: Endogenous retroviruses may not just be bad news and can be found expressed widely in healthy tissues... This PLOSBio article discusses the issue more. Would be great to think that retroviral-related elements (some making up about 10% of our genomes!) are not just trouble...

Want to discuss this or other genomic integrity issues more? We will get back to you if you write us (via the form from the Contact Us page - see the menu)! =)

AGiR! as a swiss association is already into its tenth year, with actions planned for the 10th anniversary, the 16th of September 2023! Maybe you would like to take part? Let us know.

Thanks to everyone who took action to make more people aware of the risks of tanning booths and salons, especially for adolescents!

(We encouraged people to visit local tanning booth businesses with our old flyer (in the language preferred - Ukrainian is our 17th translation) and discuss risks to health that can be readily avoided.

Contact us if you would like to join in for future actions, and also act to sustain the future of AGiR!

(also, please let us know if you would like us to organize another special chocolate sale! =D )

materials design in ancient practices.

Rachel Aronoff

Seeing is Believing

image from the Corona Detective assay R&D used for the Global Community Biosummit 2021









Shih Wei-Chieh


Shih Wei Chieh works with wearable art, e-textile, and laser audiovisuals. Focussed on how the discipline “art” could be expanded with “new media," his “Laser Dye” project in 2015 generated cyanotype images with a laser source.

To expand the connection between different communities by creating crafts commons, Shih founded Tribe Against Machine, an attempt/platform to link art, hacktivism, material science, and ancient culture.

@weiweiweiwear It seeks inspiration See more of his work for our ART Call!

materials design in ancient practices. He is based in Taiwan, and can be contacted...

AGiR! had its first general assembly meeting on 16 September 2013.

This image was used last year, when our Swiss association celebrated its 8th anniversary!

With special links to the community laboratory Hackuarium, finding this cake in Instagram (by Stephanie Dillon, LS1 Hy-Vee), seemed very lucky! =)

'agir' (aahhh-jzeer' or IPA /a.ʒiʁ/ ) means 'to act' in French

The public service association, AGiR!, founded near the shore of Lake Geneva, in a French-speaking part of Switzerland, acts to provide information and promote research to help protect genomic integrity - even at this very instant, by you reading the start of this website!

Find out more by clicking in the menu (left)!

This year's general assembly meeting is tentatively set for 20 February (let us know if you prefer another by 30jan23, please.)

a new and improved landing site for our domain in general is still of interest- contact us, please if you are a keenie with ideas! =)

Please do continue to post the old flyers in your favorite language(s), especially where people still smoke cigarettes!

Our most recent submission for the Art Call was from an awesome artist, Shih Wei-Chieh - based in Taiwan! (see above! and get the zip link of more also diy in a way!)

More Art Call submissions are always very welcome!! Art helps for science communication, they say...

(sometimes adds incentive for funding, too - so designers do not shy off of contacting us too - your projects are essential - it is the interdisciplinarity that is amazing also in this community context, plus the ideal of life-long learning... Try it!)

**for those who just joined us: =)

Genomic integrity is meant to include all molecular and genetic elements of cells! Active maintenance of these molecules and their

free interplay is essential for proper dynamic function (aka 'health').

Action for Genomic integrity through Research (AGiR!) aims to both raise awareness of the many things we choose to do which impact genomic integrity and define reliable and quantitative measurements suitable for controlled human studies and risk analysis.

Easy ways to protect genomic integrity are also recommended!

Check it out! (click any menu item, left!)

Obviously, progress toward the 'cheek cell chip' at Hackuarium was slowed also, these past years... (We wanted to get locally made prototypes out too...) -- but pandemics take priority and we still need more help for our team to push Corona Detective over the production barrier to get regulators representative batches... There have been various events, like the JOGL event about it all 17Nov21, but we are not advertising research internships for either project, yet, just in case. But we have hope that we will again be part of a more lively research site at Hackuarium!

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If you would like a quick 'take-home' about the key focus, aims and goals of this Swiss Association, please visit the 'Summary/Flyer' page, where translations of the

AGiR! flyer can now be found in many different languages!

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