Latest Actions 'Down Under'

Post date: Jan 25, 2017 12:42:47 PM

Not only was a productive meeting held with Toni Bode from BioQuisitive in Melbourne last week, but there has been a big round of distribution of flyers between Melbourne to Adelaide since then! They have been printed on solid 'post card' paper, with the 'summary/flyer' on one side, and the old 'EFV' information (to 'End Fashion Victimization') regarding hair dyes on the other!

One great thing obvious from travels around this country is that the 'no smoking' aspect of the summary flyer is not of great applicability! Very few smokers have been spotted!

Nonetheless, melanoma is obviously a big worry, from intense UV exposures common in this country; so awareness of genomic integrity could be helpful (for all!)!

Help spread the word!

(The new trend of parasols, seen from Sydney to Adelaide, is also to be encouraged!!)

Let's see how many more new Australian flags come up on the site, and how many cheek cell 'beta testers' of the open source protocols for both comet and micronuclei assays and 'DIY cheek cell comet chips' (to be under development via an upcoming crowd-funding push! watch this space!) will become involved from this amazing country!

Remember, wherever you may be, you too can join in the flyer campaign!

Print some out and pass them around!

Especially if you know smokers, this version can help explain why they should really quit!

(Anyone interested in contributing to design aspects of a new flyer and also the updated web site - planned launch expected for July, 2017! - please contact us at your soonest convenience!)

Take care!!