Steps forward for Spring 2016

Post date: Mar 22, 2016 5:34:10 AM

A date has not only been sent for an AGiR! presentation, to which everyone is invited, at an open night at the Hackuarium, 13 April 16, but RA will also be helping a microbiological effort on water quality beginning there with the team from Hammerdirt.

Additionally, a new MOOC on statistics, an EdX course called Foundations of Data Analysis - Part 2: Inferential Statistics, put on by a professor from the University of Texas at Austin, is about to begin for RA, starting tonight at 6pm!

Finally, a new contact from France, who heard about AGiR! because of RA's note to the DIYbio group La Paillasse, is offering help, at least in terms of more translations! Maybe the French side will expand to include more important information? He also thinks setting up a group in Fb is a good idea! Would you join? Please use the contact form to give your opinion, or simply write a post on the the Fb Page that already exists for Genomic integrity.

Hoping you are all stepping out into spring smartly and choosing wisely to help attain a better future for us all!