Stand with Malala for her 18th bday tomorrow!

Post date: Jul 11, 2015 1:25:19 PM

There's just one more day for you to tweet a picture of you holding a favourite book to #booksnotbullets!

to be in time for Malala's 18th birthday!

I just did!

I chose a 20 year old Neal Stephenson book, The Diamond Age.

Of course, most Neal Stephenson books are awesome (except the way he and his friends 'ended' the Mongoliad series), but this one seemed the most appropriate for this cause, with nanotech tools allowing an amazing book to help teach (and even save lives) in a speculative look at the not too distant future…

Pursuit of knowledge (not power, war, hate and profits) is where human endeavors should turn. We need to make sure everyone has a chance to learn to have hope for the future!

Of course, here at AGiR! the hope is also that learning about the dynamic processes occurring in cells for genomic integrity and health, and the many common threats to this, will also happen for more and more people, and inspire them to action.

Best wishes from Switzerland (some may also notice the eidelweiss flower behind my ear!)!

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