Spanish side and art call!

Post date: Oct 21, 2014 7:19:40 PM

The AGiR! Spanish side translation is up and approved by two native speakers!

Despite excessive use of exclamation points, we hope this will help spread the word to many more out there…

To further mark this event, a Spanish version of the flyer by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, circa 2007 (before this big picture concept of genomic integrity really arose) is now also available.

For all translations, it should be noted:

Corrections and more help in general is still very welcome! Clearly more info is still contained on the English side than any other, feedback and updates are required, and further flyer versions should likely be made (Chinese? Portuguese? …).

As hinted previously, to help people understand what might be going on inside their cells and gain the public interest, an art call is now officially open, in order to depict, as you see it, the molecular 'dance' that acts to maintain genomic integrity and cell resiliency, and thus our health. More details to come!