Feeling sidetracked by Corona?

Post date: May 28, 2020 7:10:53 AM

Well, we have been, too...

Still, AGiR! is very glad to be able to contribute, especially with some sequence gazing and testing to develop simpler molecular assays! We've joined in for amazing collaborative research with colleagues from around the world, in particular working towards the #CoronaDetective - analogous to the GMO Detective, of course!

(However, I have also been glad to have been able to talk about participatory research recently!

& We still hope the cheek cell chip in the context of the OpenFlexure scope will come together, eventually...)

Hoping in the end this pandemic is not too painful for us all, and we somehow come out of it better. Time to make the change!

You can contribute, too!

All kinds of needs, not just biology, require support...

Hoping to see you in the Hackuarium lab (even virtually), a slack, some zoom (Qi Gong!) or once again out and about, in the not too distant future.

Take care!