Art Call Submissions and SciAm!

Post date: Mar 25, 2015 4:37:47 PM

The first submissions to the art call have been received!!!

Three glorious images from Drew Berry (whose work I have admired for the last 5 years!) will soon be posted to the site on their own special page, with more information and even some fun facts! Nonetheless, I can't help but include one here, his rendition of a 'replisome' - the DNA replicating machinery, simplified - which was used also part of a Björk video of her song, Hollow.

Here it is (lagging strand above, right, leading strand below, right - DNA to be unwound and replicated to the left):

Thank you very much, Drew, for this wonderful image (and the other two, still to be presented!) that will hopefully help people imagine more clearly what goes on in their cells, and also inspire more works of art!

I should mention additionally that gratitude is furthermore due to the MOOC course, which I am currently enjoying in its the third week of lectures, as noted in a previous 'hot news' item, that helped me realize *who* actually was responsible for such beautiful works!

Watch the site for more, including links to other videos, courtesy of Drew Berry, from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Australia!

In other 'hot news,' Scientific American is coming through very well for genomic integrity (kudos!), with not only an opinion piece (Ban the Tan) in the April Issue, coalescing analyses and making a call to keep anyone younger than 18 from using 'tanning beds,' but also today's news item about a WHO (kudos also to them!) report that glyphosphate is a probable carcinogen!

Just btw I still think it is so cute that SciAm is part of the Nature group now… International wisdom is essential in these times of ours… :) **

Spread the word!

** but some note that this is another good way to get double duty on the many Nature publications, and push for their dissemination. This can of course be quite good, but may be even entering the monopolist end of things, like biotech and food giants of today's world…

what do you think?