Hackuarium Crowdfunding

Post date: Nov 11, 2017 4:30:29 PM

Two AGiR! projects are currently running at Hackuarium, in particular, efforts to 'open-source' classic methods to look at DNA damage, in your own cheek cells!

One of the methods, the micronucleus assay, is simple enough to be kid's play...


A 'JOM day'* boy (11 years old) in Hackuarium last week really enjoyed it all!

(and his Mom said this picture of him counting cells on the hemocytometer can be shown here!)

To support such projects and help build our P1 lab properly, a crowdfunding campaign is actually running now in the We Make It platform, with less than 2 weeks to go! Would you like to help support open public science, and also the genomic integrity projects at Hackuarium? Could you help other local people benefit from increased access to and democratisation of the varied means to obtain knowledge?

At Hackuarium, we want to help everyone find solutions and understanding! Through activities within trans-disciplinary teams, building collaborations as possible for further synergy, Hackuarium members do it together!

Check out:


Not just classic 'perks' are available, like T-shirts and bags, you should note, but opportunities to join in workshops (or 'ateliers' in French) can be chosen in thanks for your donation, for you and a friend!

Come do something different!

Other ways to contribute to your favorite project (hint!) are also possible, as you will see if you visit the we make it site for the Hackuarium campaign!

Here is a highlight from the campaign's main video plug, too, with the bioindicator for presence of raw sewage, E. coli, shining in metallic green on this 'levine media' plate:

If you click on the image above, you should access the full Hackuarium YouTube channel, with shorter videos on specific projects and also citizen science!

Spread the word

& take care!

* career day or 'journée de métiers' in French...