Chocolate for Genomic Integrity?

Post date: May 14, 2016 9:46:55 AM

A visit by a master chocolate maker from Gruyere has brought this idea closer to reality!

As conflicting results have been described using a 'quantitative skin burn' model measure (see for instance Mogollon et al (2014) and Williams et al (2009) - both to be linked from the Selected Publications page), using cheek cell assays to examine their propensity for DNA damage may be of use to see directly if flavanols in chocolate can help protect genomic integrity!

And, as a friend said, since everyone loves chocolate, this move could also provide more interest in the 'big picture' concept of genomic integrity!? :)

A tasting will be held at the Hackuarium of 4 'grand cru' chocolates he produces (although we need to save some for the tests about the flavanol levels) on Weds25 May!

Hope to see you there!