Our Big News

Post date: Oct 15, 2009 3:2:27 PM

A week after the Big Launch of AGiR, on 9dec13, there were already more than a dozen flags on the first page of the site!

Now (6jan14) there are already 16!

The hope is that this will truly become an international association, transforming globally important ideas into local action, so it seems like we are off to a very good start! Thank you! Please keep spreading the word about genomic integrity and the need to understand and protect it, to all your friends and family, wherever they may be!!


The first meeting of the General Assembly of AGiR, back on 16 September 2013, ratified its charter!

AGiR is officially a new non-profit, a Swiss association for genomic integrity!

If you could not attend, but still have input to provide please go ahead and still send in a 'virtual' attendance and voting sheet! If you have any difficulty scanning and sending the form, please simply use the Contact Us form, to ask to become a member and make your opinions heard.

Thank you again! !!