Comet Assays and More

Post date: Aug 22, 2018 8:54:0 AM

The Hackuarium projects to more readily allow people to detect DNA damage in their own cheek cells have gotten new life with interns, Violaine Regard, Jennifer Veillard, and Vithooban Thavapalan, working hard in the lab!

Maybe they will be able to tell us about the 'cheek cell chip' prototype soon?

They are also working towards automatic detection of micronuclei, to aid towards counting the 1000 cells! (Workshop participants know what a challenge that can be!)

Save the Date! A special event is planned for the evening of September 26 at Hackuarium, #OpenHackuarium 221, with Dr. Delphine Plaire telling us about her studies on DNA damage, and the students presenting short summaries of their results!

Come learn more!

and take care!!