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Post date: Feb 08, 2021 11:59:11 AM

Thank goodness for all the great molecular activities going on in our cells, we may be able to beat Corona...

indeed the mRNA vaccines especially owe their existence to lots of basic research on gene expression and immunology! Here is a good editorial from one key contributer, Katalin Kariko, before the pandemic! Modified nucleosides so the mRNAs delivered as therapies are no longer immunogenic, also to purify the transcription reactions to avoid dsRNAs that might stimulate interferon activity, and finally develop the nanoparticles for efficient delivery were really key to our current next generation vaccines.

Here's an article about her, too, for your further information!

let's talk about it all more during the annual general assembly meeting!

The administrative details for us as a Swiss Association shouldn't take too long.

What do you say? Maybe you will be inspired to get more involved?

AGiR! General Assembly

25Feb2021 19h30 CET.

Use the Contact Us link in the menu to ask for the zoom link, please, if you did not already receive a convocation.

Looking forward!