**NEW CONTENT** and 'refrain'

Post date: Apr 24, 2014 8:5:55 PM

There is a new Prezi about key things impacting genomic integrity: DNA damage, its repair and ways to detect it!

There is also a new list, of the many things that can lead to DNA damage, from oxygen on...

To put up where people gather to smoke, there is a one page summary (tell me what you think!), and finally, there is a personal statement explaining motivations for founding this public service association.

The new 'refrain' is that people would like to know the 'why' in order to be moved to action. It's already been tweeted ( @AGIRgenomes ), but this issue could be part of the reason why things like warning labels on the cigarette packages will never really work...

Maybe a new way is in progress?

Spread the word!