It's a big headline: fashion puts your health in danger!

Post date: Jun 26, 2015 5:49:54 AM

It may be a big local headline from yesterday, but more people need to get the message that fashion can indeed be a risky business, not just of twisting an ankle or being judged (one of the big no-no's in today's 'culture' it seems…)!

Here is yesterday's headline* by the Geneva train station last night!

Have you talked about the issues of how fashion choices (even choosing to start smoking cigarettes can be considered something of that nature, remember!) can impact genomic integrity with your friends?

Please keep passing on the word and take care!

(more to come, also in the blog!)

* actually, the whole p2 editorial and p4-5 'spread' for this local tabloid really was about primarily clothing risks, because of an incident with tight jeans and oedema in Australia…