Concrete depictions of dynamic maintenance of genomic integrity might help people get a better idea of what could be going on in cells, and increase public interest, AGiR! hopes, so…

The 'AGiR! Art Call' is officially on!

Anyone with artistic inclinations is asked to attempt to depict, however they might see it, the molecular 'dance' that acts to maintain genomic integrity and cell resiliency, and thus our health, within our cells.

Perhaps chemists/biologists/artists can come together to help raise awareness?

Everything from childrens' drawings to high resolution molecular images are possible!

Get out your sketch pad for public health, and get your lab results out in the public eye!

Whichever you like best!

Any images, mixed media, micrographs or other (jewelry/design) would be very welcome!

Looking forward to seeing your work!

(use the 'Contact Us' link to begin your submission...)