General Assembly and DIYbio!

Post date: Jan 24, 2016 6:19:45 PM

The General Assembly meeting, the third for AGiR!, will be held 10Feb, don't forget!

If you have any agenda items to add, or cannot make it and would still like to provide input for the year to come, please use the contact form at your convenience (but before 9 Feb, please)!

A new initiative to perhaps do some DIYbio at the local BioHacker space, the Hackuarium, in the context of genomic integrity experiments will be on the agenda, along with the usual administrative business.

Please see the attached 'infographic' presented at the Hackuarium's general assembly meeting last week for an overview!

Maybe real 'citizen science' will start happening for AGiR! (with your help?)?

Thanks again for all your help!


Take care!