Action for Genomic integrity through Research! (AGiR!)

Genomic integrity is the active maintenance of all* the genetic elements in the cells of an organism for proper dynamic function. (aka health)

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AGiR aims to promote research into reliable and quantitative measures of genomic integrity and to create greater awareness of the ways one can easily protect genomic integrity, crucial dynamic molecular processes in cells.

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*(including DNA, RNAs, epigenetic factors & proper developmental gene expression)

This non-profit association is for everyone, from the general public to scientific researchers, in order to provide information about what genomic integrity entails and how it can be protected.

While there are some technical terms and references to original peer-reviewed research publications in the site, this is no reason for worry (even if you aren't an expert in something like cell biology or genetics).

Many of these terms are further defined (see the intro, right), and maybe you will (also) find that seeing actual data is often helpful.

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In the end, the idea here is to simplify some complex issues with the aim of increasing general awareness and ultimately finding out more!

AGiR: providing information and promoting research on genomic integrity!

Genomic integrity is threatened by many common substances, including ingredients in personal care products. Providing information and promoting research are the primary aims of this non-profit association, Action for Genomic Integrity through Research (AGiR)!

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For further background information about DNA damage and its repair, you may find this Prezi of interest! (to check out when you are not on your phone, please, however...)

Why You Should Support Our Organization

Genomic Integrity is not easily seen, but it can be readily disrupted by a variety of agents. While DNA repair is key, after damage this process can be very error-prone, fixing new mutations in the genome! More awareness of these issues and research should help promote prevention, which is always better than a cure! Join us!

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