Ageing Better

Post date: Feb 01, 2020 10:54:8 AM

One point about dynamic genomic integrity: impact doesn't necessarily need actual mutations (although of course these can be important for developing chronic diseases). Still, epigenetic changes or just clogging/crosslinking can be sufficient for real problems.

And this leads me to some very cute ideas about all this for 'healthy ageing' - another great reason to protect your genomic integrity by avoiding what might cause problems. For instance, as discussed by David Sinclair (of sirtuin research and more), when DNA is damaged and has to get repaired, a bunch of epigenetic tags, both on DNA itself and on the histones that DNA is wrapped around (to affect gene expression), can 'get screwed up, so cells get confused' !

The hypothesis is that poor ageing is a side-effect of this...

Maybe these ideas will make people more interested in AGiR! ??

A focus on disease is most likely less popular than ideas about 'living well' and well into your 10th decade, this day and age, in particular...

What do you think?

Take care!

One more thing:

Please check out our latest blog post, to see what's been going on at the Hackuarium lab, recently, for genomic integrity and AGiR! Everyone is welcome to join in for these open science studies, by the way! :)